Yesterday the world lost a magnificent innovator

Yesterday, the world lost Dr. Baruch Blumberg, a lifelong learner, explorer and innovator. Best noted for his winning the Nobel Prize for development of the Hepatitis B vaccine, he had also co-created the field of Astrobiology and actively supported space exploration for its contributions to improving life on earth. Humble, warm and caring- he will be missed by many.

What I did in my “spare”(!) time…

The last several weeks I’ve been totally immersed in helping organize TEDxBayArea TEDWomen (designed to coincide with the first global TEDWomen event in Wash, DC).  We had about 150 attendees plus an unknown number watching the livestream.  Breaks were filled with energized conversations about all manner of topics.  It was an exciting day. Like the Read the full article…

What would you do for a fat-free, vitamin enriched Klondike bar?

Scientists are already able to alter the genome at a rate much faster than was previously considered possible. I get excited thinking about the potential to provide children with healthy ice cream or pizza that is loaded with essential vitamins and anti-oxidants or potato chips that inhibit absorption of fat and balance insulin.