Innovation Mindset

Corporate women make 3 big mistakes that keep them unhappy at work.

#3 Believing the “Inner Bitch”

The first mistake made by most women in companies is believing the lies told by the“Inner Bitch” who harshly judges everything they say or do. When they are successful at something, that same nasty voice tells them it was a fluke, they were in the right place at the right time- it won’t happen again. The problem is accepting what they’re hearing in their heads as true, allowing it to undermine their confidence.

#2 Burying Their Brilliance

Another mistake most corporate women make is hiding in plain sight. In some cases, this means they take positions supporting others behind the scenes- such as doing the research or writing the thought leadership papers -without receiving credit. For others, they keep their ideas to themselves, not speaking up in meetings. There’s safety in not being seen because it keeps them from being judged by others. But while they are concerned about avoiding criticism, it also keeps others from seeing their brilliance.

#1 Being Boxed in by Blinders

The biggest mistake made by most women in corporations is failing to see their own potential. They are focused on doing well in their current positions, not recognizing what they are capable of doing. They feel constrained by their job descriptions, assuming they can’t step outside that box to do more. Presented with jobs that can help them advance their careers, they focus on the requirements they don’t have- and decline.

The key to correcting these mistakes is developing an innovation mindset. That means owning your accomplishments, making yourself visible, become comfortable with being uncomfortable, challenging the status quo in your life- and your work.

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