Accentuating the positive

Today is International Women’s Day, 2012.  While there are still issues to be addressed, I’d like to acknowledge today by focusing on some of the good things that have happened in the last 12 months. Some triumphs to celebrate:

  • Virginia Rometty became the first female President and CEO of IBM
  • Christine LaGarde became the first woman serving as Managing Director of the IMF (after the previous MD was caught up in a sex scandal)
  • Germany, headed by Angela Merkel, survived the economic meltdown better than all the other European countries
  • Denmark and Thailand each elected the first female prime ministers in their respective countries
  • For the first time, 3 women shared a Nobel Prize in the same category;  in particular- it was the Peace Prize
  •  Saudi Arabia announced that women would be able to vote starting in 2015 (although for now, they still are not allowed to drive)
  • More women earned Ph.Ds than men
  • Under Hillary Clinton’s direction, the State Dept sponsored 30 women in technology from the Middle East and North Africa to spend a month in Silicon Valley to inspire leadership and build personal connections.

This last item has special meaning to me because I had the opportunity to mentor a couple of those women.  And- right now, I’m reviewing applications from women hoping to come here for month this fall under the same program.  It’s going to be tough because they are all deserving.

What other things should we be celebrating as women?  I’m happy to expand the list.