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Innovation is a team sport…

It takes a team to turn a game plan into a win. Turning a great idea into a value-creating – or even game-changing – innovation also requires a team. But some teams are better than others.

Is your organization poised to be a champion?

  • Is prudent risk-taking encouraged?
  • Are people free to express and explore original ideas?
  • Do you reward “good failures”?
  • Do your managers know how to manage teams for innovation?
  • Is innovation built into the corporate culture?
  • Is healthy conflict encouraged – or even tolerated?

…Women are your star players

Diversity is the spice of innovation. Research has shown that including women in teams enhances their creative ability. Plus, companies with more women executives and Board members have higher return on equity and total shareholder return than companies with fewer women.

How is your company doing?

  • Does your organization’s culture support women?
  • Are women included in design projects?
  • Are women’s ideas heard and acted upon?
  • Do employees understand gender differences in communication?
  • Are your female employees allowed to contribute as much as they can to your company’s success?

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