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  • Innovation is a team sport: Learn how to create a winning culture of innovation
  • Women are your star players: We’ll coach you on how to leverage women to win

Winning is the goal, Innovation is your game plan…and…Women are your star players

“A creative idea that doesn’t create value is art. A creative idea that does create value – financial or social value- is innovation.” Joan Michelson

Diversity helps to spark innovation. Research has shown that including women in teams enhances their creative ability. Plus, companies with more women executives and Board members have higher return on equity and total shareholder return than companies with fewer women.

Does your organization’s culture support women?

  • Do the women in your organization feel that their ideas are heard and acted upon?
  • Do you know if the women in your organization feel like their role is limited?
  • Do you know that women in your organization feel free to express their ideas?
  • -If they do not, do you know what factors may be making these women feel like their ideas are not welcome?
  • Do employees understand gender differences in communication
  • Are your female employees allowed to contribute as much as they can to your company’s success?
  • Do you know what can be done to increase your female employees’ involvement in innovation activities?

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Women Interrupted (6/15/2017) - This week there were two notable demonstrations of men dismissing what women have to say. The first was a comment by David Bonderman, an Uber Director. The second was Senators McCain and Burr’s stopping Senator Kamala Harris from completing her questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Bonderman’s misstep was responding to Uber Director Arianna Huffington’s Read the full article...
Turning lemons into lemonade (2/25/2016) -   On February 23rd, I was one of about 300 participants at the first Women Transforming Technology conference. The keynote speakers were Arianna Huffington and Mary Lou Jepsen. My initial attraction to the event was the opportunity to see Arianna Huffington in person.  As the opening speaker she was animated, entertaining, and touchingly personal in her comments.  The Read the full article...
Mattel’s Latest ‘Oops I Did It Again’ Barbie Fiasco (11/21/2014) - There’s an old  saying:  ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.  I believe Mattel had good intentions when it published Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer.   It just did it completely wrong.  Sadly, the players involved were all women. The author, Susan Marenco, “worked for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen as a editor and Read the full article...
News Flash: Men have work-life balance issues too! (8/10/2014) - Based on what we see in the media,  work-life balance is a woman’s problem.  It’s one of the reasons given for why women can’t hold executive positions.  When they do make it to the top, they are questioned on how they will handle it.  (For example, Matt Lauer asked GM’s CEO Mary Barra how she was going Read the full article...